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INFLAMMATION and Chronic Diseases

Inflammation conjures up areas of the body easily seen: gums disease an ingrown toenail or a pimple.  Inflammation of whole organs, even multiple organs is difficult to imagine.  Inflammation can develop over a long time without any symptoms or positive lab tests.

The diagram below shows diseases are associated with inflammation. Scary huh?


You can reduce inflammation!

It will take a change in your tastes, from our sweet U.S.  diet.  After a short time you will feel better and not crave.




Re-balance your food intake:                                           

  • Reduce carbohydrates and sugars drastically – they make insulin spike in the bloodstream, inflame the tissues and in many cases lead to obesity.
  • Eat more fresh and more local – Mediterranean style.
  • Restrict fruits -fructose is also sugar/carbohydrates.
  • Increase vegetables – make that the big core of meals, protein on the side.
  • Have good fats – Olive oil, avocado, coconut, nuts and seeds.
  • Reduce processed foods – Look for hidden carbohydrates in them – there are many different kinds.  Check out the partial list on this blog.
  • Reduce cravings – eat high nutritional value foods. Keywords:
    • Organic – like old time farmers without chemical fertilizers and from healthy soil.
    • Line caught – happy ocean fish without hormones and eating foods sources.
    • Free range – happy chickens and beef without chemical/antibiotics and free movement.
    • Heirloom – old varieties that have more nutrients.
  • Coffee and Alcohol – are inflammatory.  Have them with foods, change to teas, restrict the intake.

Baby Steps and Kindness: begin with baby steps and be kind to yourself if old habits are hard to break.  Refocus the next day on the mission to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Resources: The Inflammation Syndrome by Jack Challem – click this link to purchase a copy

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