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Pregnancy Care

oskar.pThe advantages of Chiropractic care during your pregnancy

Overview: A woman’s body undergoes countless transformations during pregnancy as a new life flourishes within.  Complex changes, both metabolic and musculoskeletal take place during the phases of pregnancy, delivery and post-partum.

Chiropractic and nutrition support during these phases help promote the optimal environment for this exciting time.

Advantages: Chiropractic care supports the musculoskeletal changes directly which affect the nerve system that is controlling the complex pregnancy process.  Our pregnant patients report more comfort, less challenges during delivery with fewer complications.  Mid-wives and professionals report better fetal positioning, improved delivery outcomes and reduced need for intervention.

Safety:  The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) recommends pregnant women receive Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy for the optimal health of mother and baby.   The American Pregnancy Association states: “There are no known contraindications to chiropractic care throughout pregnancy”.  Our office takes the utmost care for our pregnant mothers including more gentle Chiropractic methods and special equipment that fits the pregnant body shape.

We Offer: Chiropractic and nutritional counseling services prior to pregnancy, after conception, up to delivery and post-partum. Our equipment allows for care to the mother as her body shape changes, even in the last weeks of pregnancy.  Our methods are modified to be more gentle appropriate to the pregnant mother.  We provide nutrition support using the mother’s diet and whole foods supplements suitable for pregnant  and nursing women.

The office is “kid-friendly” for the post-partum mother.  We work together with professionals that respect the value of our services including mid-wives, OB’s and Nurse practitioners.

Arcadia Birth Center is close by and we have a great working relationship with them.  If you have interest, questions or concerns about a more natural birthing experience, please ask.