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Success Stories

I Felt Completely at Home

I loved the feel of this office! I have 2 kids and brought them with me a little stressed about keeping them busy, but here were toys there for them. They were entertained the whole time and I felt completely at home. All of the people I came in contact with were so nice. My name was even on a welcome board when I walked in!
~Rosa C.

Amazing Support and Treatment

First impressions were amazing. Looking forward to a strong recovery, which I have no doubt will happen thanks to the support and treatment I’m receiving here–Why my whole family is part of the Miller Family Care network.

Validated and Supported

Thank you so much for a wonderful consultation– I felt truly heard, listened to, validated in my concerns, supported in and hopeful for my health journey ahead.

A Heartfelt Thank You!

Just a heartfelt thank you to Mrs. Miller, who listened to my tale of woe right there and then, when I came in without an appointment. I am feeling the best since 4 weeks ago, and am just so grateful for the help, and the confidence and hope I now have to deal with my problem(s). Thank you!!

The Improvement I’ve Felt is Incredible

I am very happy to be one of Dr. Miller’s many patients. His entire team is very polite and kind. . . I feared experiencing intense pain, and even worse, not being able to support my children and becoming a burden on my family. . . I had also feared trying someone new for chiropractic treatment thinking that it would be in vain. The improvement I’ve felt in just a few months has been incredible! I have now resumed my daily activities and am leaving those dreadful pains behind. . . Thank God I found Dr. Miller! More from Maria…»

Estoy muy contenta en formar parte de los muchos pacientes de el doctor Miller. Él y todo el personal son muy amables y respetuosos. . . Siempre he tenido miedo de sentir esos dolores tan intensos o peor aún, el dejar a mis hijos sin mi apoyo y convertirme en una carga para mis familiares. . . Tenia miedo de volver a estar en tratamiento quiropráctico porque no queria que volviera a ser en vano. . . Puedo decir que ha sido increible la mejoria que he sentido en tan solo unos meses! He comenzado a recobrar mis actividades diarias y estoy dejando atrás esos espantosos dolores. . . Gracias a Dios que encontré al doctor Miller!

Amazing Results with Nutrition

I have been seeing Julie Miller (the nutritionist) for four months. I went to see her at the recommendation of my son who has been seeing her, and Dr. Miller for nutritional advice and chiropractic services for over a year. Both Drs. are excellent. More from Amazing Results…»

The reason why I went to see her is that my glaucoma disease was getting out of control, and my doctor said that she had no other options but to have surgery on my eyes, and she scheduled me for surgery in April. I did not want to do that. In January of this year, Julie put me in a program that emphasized nutrition specifically designed to relieve the inflammation in my body (which was also affecting the pressure on my eyes), and various supplements. Since I’ve been under her care in just a few short months, my eye pressures have gone down from 19 and 20 on each eye respectively down to 10 and 11. My opthomologist at Kaiser was so impressed by my improvement that she decided to postpone surgery for a while. Julie’s goal is for me not to have surgery at all, so I have put my faith in Julie’s expertise to continue guiding me. I’m not out of the water yet, but I have never shown the improvement that I’m showing since I’ve been under Julie’s care. She is outstanding, never rushes you, keeps detailed notes about your health, and is a good listener. My son and I both love her and her husband. Her staff is courteous and very caring. I recommend both of them highly!

Keeps Me Pain Free

I am so happy to have found the practice! It’s a little drive for us but we’ll worth it and would drive further in LA traffic to see Dr. Miller. He is warm, jolly, caring and professional. I have total confidence in his skills and his professional opinion. The whole practice including the reception staff are truly lovely and make the experience as a whole a friendly, homey and comfortable one. Thank you so much! It is hard to find such great service that you can fully trust here in LA.

Excellent First Visit

Dr. Miller is extremely competent and inspires confidence that pain can be relieved! The consultation was comprehensive and useful. Instructions were clear and very doable. Excellent first visit.

Keeps Me Pain Free

When I first began seeing Dr. Miller for lower back pain I had to slide out of bed in the mornings. After the initial treatments, I have never had to slide again. While I realize my problem can never be cured, Dr. Miller keeps me pain-free and able to work with just monthly visits now. All of the employees are professional, courteous, cheerful, quick and never make mistakes. Their services are tops!


Feared Things Would Get Worse

I had a stiff back and bad posture. Very annoying. I feared that as time went on it might mess me up more! After seeing Brad I feel way more limber and more flexible,  100 times better overall!


Immediate Results

I’ve been receiving chiropractic treatment all my life from various chiropractors. I can say that Dr. Brad Miller gave me the most comprehensive initial exam I’ve ever experienced. His treatment plan not only included necessary adjustments but also provided much needed nutritional counseling as well as high-quality supplementation. More from Ted…»

I saw immediate results from his care. I trust Dr. Miller without reserve and know that he truly cares about his patients’ health and well being. In addition, his office staff is friendly and helpful, and his peaceful office space provides a welcome respite from the stress of the world outside. I give Dr. Miller and Miller Family Care my highest recommendation.

~Ted M.

Impress with the help

I want to say that I impressed with the help I received. and I will refer this place to every family member and friends.

thx. a lot Dr. Miller.

~ Regards, A.P

True Balance Health

My experience with Dr. Miller is a great sense of relief, but the education I am receiving from him on how to properly maintain a balance between body and soul is vital for my future days.

Last night, being Friday, was by far the best restful sleep I’ve had in two years. Thank you Dr. Miller.

~ Regards, R.L.C

Gifted Healer

Dr. Miller. I would like to go on the record that you saved (the quality of) my life. You are a gifted healer that took me from a crippled mess to a healthy, happy, hiker! I had significant neck and back pain that has disappeared. I tried PT and a different chiropractor without results before finding you.

~ Thank you! Stacey

No More Stomach Problems

I have been seeing Dr. Miller for a few months. Along with my adjustments, three weeks ago, he felt I would benefit from going on an alkaline diet. I am amazed!! I have been dependent on laxatives for 32 years and have been seeing a gastroenterologist for IBS for years. On the alkaline, I have not taken one laxative and have been going to the bathroom once/twice a day. I’ve not had any stomach problems on this program and can’t thank him enough. I had resigned myself to dependency on pills for the rest of my life and he has given me hope that with time other ailments can be helped with adjustments and diet.

~ ML

Lost Weight

Doctor Miller, As per our conversation yesterday, 07/25/12, my test results for my cholesterol levels last week are astounding. They went down 50 points (264 to 214). The only change being the alkaline diet I have been on for 6 weeks now.

~ Thank you, Maria

Don’t Wait, Get In Today!

I would be in so much trouble if I wasn’t introduced to Dr. Miller. He fixed me big time. Prior to visiting Dr. Miller, I wasn’t able to extend my right arm because of the sharp pain. I had a horrible tension on both of my shoulders for 3 months. The prolonged backache for many months, and occasional numbness in my arms, legs, and back. Finally, a friend of mine who has also been visiting Dr. Miller for many years introduced me to him. More from Cherry…»

I immediately went to see him and by the second adjustment, my shoulders felt significantly relieved. All the tension reduced down to none. I was amazed. It’s been over a year and I’m still visiting Dr. Miller. The process of healing may take some time, but that just the nature of the human body. I highly recommend him. The longer you wait, the worst your condition is going to get. Dr. Miller is awesome!

~ Cherry L.

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