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Meet Our Awesome Staff

Staff pic 2017
All of our staff-members were interested in natural health prior to joining our office.
You will hear each of their voices on the phone depending on their shift:


Annette G., Senior Chiropractic Assistant has been with us since 2011. Her shift opens the office for our first appointments at 8:15am. She can assist in the new patient intake process including the history and examination. She has advanced certification in Kinesio-taping (flexible athletic taping) that helps our injured patients obtain relief quicker and recover faster.

Cecille M., Chiropractic Assistant has been with us since 2014. She manages many shelves of our nutritional inventory so that we have what each patient needs at the time of their appointment. She also supports Julie in day to day office management in the areas of accounting and bookkeeping.

Meggie R., Senior Chiropractic Assistant has been with us since 2011. Her shift is in the afternoon allowing her to spend mornings with her first child, born January 2016. As a result she helps coordinate our nutritional workshops for expectant mothers. She is also responsible for insurance billings, adjustor and attorney relations. She is tech savvy and helps to maintain our office software.

Hannah R., Chiropractic Assistant has been with us since 2013. She has a talent for art and graphic design. Weekly office flyers, chalk boards and handouts have Hannah’s touch. Hannah edits and posts our video testimonials and helps maintain our web presence. She does the office and medical supply inventory. She is Advanced certified in Kinesio-taping.

Lily R. , Chiropractic Assistant since 2016 is very committed to natural health and healing. She shares the message with anyone who will listen and has positively impacted many lives. People would describe her as a “mother hen” and demonstrates helpfulness in all areas of the office, family and community. She has made our website office forms Spanish-friendly. She is certified in Kiensio-taping.

Although our staff specialize in certain areas they are cross-trained to better assist our patients. All are bi-lingual and  participate in continuing education, and on-going training. They also assist in our education outreach into the community – speaking engagements, workshops, office Lunch’n Learns and healthy cooking classes.