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It's Official!

Miller Family Health(formally Miller Family Chiropractic) is pleased to announce after over a year of focused study Dr. Brad Miller and his wife Julie received certification in Applied Clinical Nutrition.  The office name change to Miller Family Health reflects the broadening of service scope to include nutrition in addition to Chiropractic care for health and healing.

“So many of our patients have chronic diseases now, and better nutrition can help”, Dr. Miller said.  For example, the Center for Disease Control estimates 70% of those over 60 are pre-diabetic or diabetic… and it is expected to be 100% by 2050.

“The focus of the certification,” said Dr. Miller “is to complement the patient diet since so many nutrients have been lost in mass agricultural production.”  Whole food supplements are slowly dried foods which are concentrated in a bioactive form,” he explained.

“Whole food supplementation helps the body heal and rebuild from within without side-effects. It’s just food, concentrated yes, but we are seeing amazing results with varied conditions.”

Dr. and Mrs. Miller will be continuing their nutritional studies including a return visit in September to the Standard Process organic farm in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

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  1. MsSeas says
    May 06, 2014 at 9:26 PM

    Congratulations!! on achieving your goal in being a certified Applied Clinical Nutrition practice, way to go. I look forward to your continued support in my well-being and know that I will be well adjusted on my visits to the office. Thank you for all you are doing to educate and keeping me up to date on health and well-being. Onward and upward,

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