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Nutrition for Health and Longevity

This is the first of an ongoing series of articles to help our patients complement their health efforts in the areas of:

  • Nutrition and eating healthier (but still tasting great).
  • Supplements, vitamins and minerals explained.
  • Understanding how your body works… and doesn’t!
  • Toxins and detoxification.
  • Weight issues.
  • Food fads and myths.
  • Answering questions from our patients and the public.

The study and science of nutrition is fascinating and complex.  Therefore, we (Dr. and Julie Miller) have been dedicating time to study the latest discoveries and theories in nutrition. We are excited to share our knowledge and experience and help you put it into action.

Our Concerns

Health is not simple – and the nutritional piece is not either.  We are bombarded by advice from the media, from health professionals, from food companies, from nutritional companies… a lot to try to sort out! We will do it for you based on the latest valid research provided by leading nutritionists and researchers here and globally.

Our diets and tastes have changedMom is not home to cook the family meal like 50 years ago. Portion sizes are up at restaurants.  Sweet, that was once a treat – is now a daily occurrence added to so many foods in hidden ways.  Tastes have changed, our satiety (feeling full) is reduced – as a nation, we are sicker and fatter.  We may be living longer, but we are not healthier.

Our nutrition is weak – and has been for a long time. Even those trying to make better choices have poor options at the average supermarkets: lots of processed foods, stored fruits and vegetables, sugars and dyes added, chemicals and preservatives abound, genetically modified or stale.  Our farming efforts have increased production, but quality is suffering as a result. The nutritional value is often low compared to the heirloom varieties of our hard working immigrant forefathers.

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements are big business – and public health is not the top concern.  The FDA allows a vitamin component, such as a portion of Vitamin C to be added to foods, called Vitamin C but not providing the same value as nature’s product .  Genetically modified foods have much less vitamins and minerals needed for long term health. We often do not put the best products in our bodies, nor know how to tell the difference.

We are toxic – from exposure to thousands of chemicals near, on or in our bodies.  It changes our physiologies and the body often stores weight to protect us.

Our approach – There is hope!

These articles will help our patients, their friends and families decipher truth from fiction and weed through the massive amount of information that exists about nutrition. 

For more personal solutions we offer consultations and nutritional coaching.

In Office Workshops: Join us on November 12 and November 26 for “Healthy Recipes for the Holidays”. Call the office to reserve a seat – guests welcome.

Speaking Engagements: Dr. Miller will be speaking to Arcadia Rotary Club “Secret to Living Longer AND Healthier” on November 1, 2013 and Monrovia Rotary Club January 21, 2014

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