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Why We Crave & How to Stop It

Craving is a sign the body wants something.  Thirsty is a craving for liquids.

Satiety (or being satiated) is the sign that body has had enough.  “I’m not thirsty any more”.

If you have cravings either:

  • Your body is not getting enough of a nutrient… OR
  • The satiety mechanism is compromised – your body cannot tell you what you want or that you have had enough.

Either way if you crave the end result is:

  • You will eat more OR
  • You will eat more of what is not good for you.

Look at what has happened to restaurant portions sizes since the 1950’s and the average weight gain:


How to stop cravings

1.     You are a chemical machine      

          a.      You may not be providing all the chemicals needed i.e. the delicate balance of nutrients.
          b.     Or there may be too many chemicals in or on your body – air, water, food, personal body products, plastics etc.

2.     Nutrient dense foods help ease cravings

          a.     When there is a shortage of a micro-nutrient, the body craves.
          b.     Healthier foods provide more micro-nutrients. Look for: Organic, line caught fish, free range and things “in season”.
          c.     Better foods are more expensive, but better for you, will help your satiation and over the long term BETTER HEALTH.

3.     Fats, the healthy ones are OK 

and they help with satiation. Olive Oil, Avocado and cold water fish or fish oils are examples of healthy fats.

4.     Processed foods increase cravings

Salt, sugar, wheat, additives and dyes can affect our craving chemistry.  Watch the movie “Supersize me”.

5.     Reduce your sugars and carbohydrates

What goes up  (glucose levels) …. must come down. And when it’s down the body craves.

6.     Start moving more

It changes your satiation chemistry

7.     Slow down and focus on your food

It takes time for the body to register. Don’t be a distracted eater.

8.     Consider professional help

          a.     Supplements and herbs can help reduce cravings. They should be tailored to you.

          b.     Detoxification and chelation can reduce toxins that affect cravings, satiation and weight retention.


“Supersize me” can be rented or purchased here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


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