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You will probably get Diabetes - You can avoid it!

“70% of the current population over 65 has pre-Diabetes or Type II Diabetes.  By 2050 the projection is 100%” - Source CDCDiabetes

The cause – a nutrition meltdown

Excess carbohydrates >>> excess glucose>>> excess insulin>>> pre-diabetes >>> diabetes

The aggravant – abdominal fat deposition

One effect of excess insulin is deposition of abdominal fat.  It makes the condition worse, a source of inflammation, weight gain, and its own hormones.

Another aggravant – stress

Cortisol production in response to stress adds fuel to the diabetic fire making the condition worse!

More bad news – even if you are slim

It’s not totally a weight thing.  The Actor Tom Hanks was just diagnosed.  It’s an “inflammation” thing (see our prior post). Excess insulin acts like a chemical fire in the body.  Other areas affected include:

  • Fat metabolism – lipids, cholesterol and cardiovascular disease.
  • Gut physiology – 70% of the immune system is in the gut.  Damaged or “Leaky” gut lining allows molecules into the body to create allergic and auto-immune reactions.
  • Brain function – Alzheimer’s and other brain condition are now considered a form of diabetes.
  • Joints – arthritis.
  • Immune – cancer has been found to be related to diabetes.
  • Hormones – become imbalanced affecting the adrenal and other critical glands.


Decide…  that you don’t want to be a statistic.  Then start making changes:

  1. Stop the insulin spikes – restrict refined carbohydrates (sugars, grains, flours, hidden sugars) and fruits.   Yes… we know it’s hard, at first.   But after a few days it gets easier and you will feel better.
  2. Increase vegetables and protein – and keep it that way
  3. Don’t go artificially sweet – those products have their own side-effects
  4. Move the body – burn off the glucose you have
  5. De-stress – relax, meditate, exercise, slow the pace…
  6. De-tox – help the body rid itself of toxins that are protected by fat
  7. Add in whole food supplements – nutritional quality has been poor for years; bodies are starving for the micronutrients missing in today’s processed and mass produced foods.

Resources:  Wheat Belly by William Davis maybe purchased here

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